Give a special gift of rescue and healing to a local child in crisis!

Help us provide vital services to abused children in your community

Give a special gift of rescue and healing to a local child in crisis! image

Help us provide vital services to abused children in your community

Maddie's Story

The Baldwin County Child Advocacy Center (aka CARE House) provides a child-friendly, safe, welcoming environment for the provision of vital and unique services for child abuse victims, primarily child victims of sexual abuse and severe physical abuse. We also offer supportive services to caregivers and the community.

When we met Maddie a couple of years ago, she was a precious 6 year old girl, terrified and hiding behind her mom when she walked in the door of our center. Maddie had recently gathered the courage to tell her school counselor that she was being abused. She was scared, embarrassed, and confused, and her mom explained that over the last few months, Maddie had become "like just a shell of the real Maddie that I know. She has always been super silly, energetic, social, affectionate, and full of life, but recently she has become quiet, sad, depressed, and just a totally different child."

Prior to the creation of Child Advocacy Center's, children had to endure repeated and traumatic interviewing processes in undesirable locations such as police stations, law offices, schools, etc. Now, instead of having to tell several different professionals about her abuse experiences, Maddie was able to receive an immediate referral to the Baldwin County Child Advocacy Center. Upon entry into our program, she received a child-friendly and developmentally appropriate forensic interview, cutting edge counseling services, a medical exam, court advocacy, education, and more. Her mom received support and advocacy services also, and these services were provided at no charge to the family. A TEAM of professionals worked together on her case so that Maddie's abuser could be prosecuted as Maddie and her mom were being offered SAFETY and HEALING services on a regular basis for the next year and half. Gradually, Maddie and her mom began to get better, and after months of counseling, Maddie was back to her old self...........smiling, laughing, making jokes, doing better at school, and making new friends. She stopped having nightmares about the abuse and started talking about dreams for her future. Maddie was finally able to understand that the abuse was not her fault, that no child ever deserves to be abused, and that she was loved beyond measure.

We serve hundreds of children just like Maddie every year. Won't you make a gift of support to help other children just like Maddie find safety and healing and hope for their future? Your donation will have a lasting and transformational impact on the life of a precious local child in crisis.